Report Bad Police

Many of you have been out to one or more of our No More Lockdowns rallies, or perhaps are protesting in your own way, by keeping your business open in defiance of Public Health orders, or rejecting the mask mandates. Many of you may have even witnessed egregious enforcement of COVID measures against you and others.

We want to be able to provide you with the resources you need to respond to these interactions.

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) is the body mandated with disciplining police who violate the Code of Conduct.

The police Code of Conduct identifies 10 acts as potential matters for investigation and possible discipline:

  • Discreditable conduct
  • Insubordination
  • Neglect of duty
  • Deceit
  • Breach of confidence
  • Corrupt practice
  • Unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority
  • Damage to (police) clothing or equipment
  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol in a manner prejudicial to duty
  • Conspiring, abetting or being an accessory to misconduct

If you suspect a police officer has violated the Code of Conduct, you can register a complaint with OIPRD here.

The first order for police is to maintain the peace followed by de escalating confrontations, should you witness the police contravening these foundational principles ensure you request the officers name and/or badge number and if possible record your interactions. 

Remember, legitimate complaints can be filed with the OIPRD here. Please see Ontario Regulation 268/10 Part VII for more information about the Code of Conduct.

We encourage everyone to rise above the abusive actions of some police officers and do your part to represent the No More Lockdowns movement as a peaceful and loving community.

If you have any further questions you can always email us.