No Vaccine Passports

A PETITION TO THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO: No Vaccine Passports WHEREAS the Government of Ontario has suggested that those who do not have proof of vaccination, sometimes called a “vaccine passport” may not be able to access many public services, employment, and have their mobility rights restricted;

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Protect Our Mobility Rights

Justin Trudeau is locking down the country violating our Charter Rights to freedom of mobility and detaining Canadians. Tell Doug Ford you what him to fight against these unconstitutional orders! A PETITION TO THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO: Charter Rights: Mobility WHEREAS the Trudeau Administration announced significant, excessive and unconstitutional restrictions...

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GOAL: 10,000 signatures

No More Lockdowns!

A Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario: No More Lockdowns! WHEREAS it is clear that the risk of Covid-19 for almost all Ontarians is significantly smaller than thought to be in March 2020; AND WHEREAS present testing methods are defective and inaccurate due to the high rates of false-positives;...

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GOAL: 20,000 signatures