Notice to the PC Party of Ontario

Withdrawal of Support

WHEREAS the facts reveal that the Premier has misrepresented the threat of COVID-19 which is minimal to the vast majority of the people of Ontario;

AND WHEREAS countless small and medium-sized businesses have already been destroyed as a result of the lockdowns;

AND WHEREAS millions of people have been denied proper medical attention and procedures;

AND WHEREAS the repeated lockdowns cause more harm than the virus, and contravene our rights and freedoms enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

AND WHEREAS Premier Ford has expelled  his MPP’s who disagree with these restrictive lockdowns, stay at home orders, and other unconstitutional regulations and orders;

WE, the undersigned members of the Ontario PC Party, give notice that we will not donate to, volunteer, or vote for a PC candidate in the next election unless a significant shift in COVID-19 policy is presented by the Ford Administration that is consistent with the Statement of Principles of the PC Party and aligned with our values as conservatives.

10,000 signatures

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