Contact Tracing was not recommended

Why is Contact Tracing Not Recommended During a Pandemic?

In 2019, prior to COVID-19, the WHO shared a document on the best practices during a pandemic. This document specifically outlined that contract tracing should not be used during a pandemic as the evidence is weak to suggest it can be beneficial to reduce the spread of a virus. Other health experts and emergency response agencies such as the CDC, Health Canada, and others both contributed and agreed to these practices.

Why did we Contact Trace During COVID-19?

What evidence changed this recommendation in less than a year during COVID-19? Nothing. To this day no evidence has been provided that contact tracing is effective. However after the announced COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO, CDC, and many other health experts recommended all governments heavily contact trace to help identify hotspots of COVID-19. This was then used to justify asymptomatic PCR testing, harsh lockdowns, and closures of businesses. It is claimed this has helped reduce the spread of COVID-19, despite the evidence.


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