Boycott Bad Business

We have been long supporters and proponents of local and small businesses in our communities, and have been advocating for their reopening and success.

We must return to a time when we were respectful and tolerant of those with disabilities and now mask exemptions. 

Across our country we have seen many abuses by store owners, store security, and police officers against those who are exempt from wearing a face mask. See these outrageous examples below...

Canadians are having their Charter rights trampled on everyday.

We must refuse to support these businesses that deny us our human dignity.

Sign our petition, pledge to boycott businesses like Southcentre Mall, McDonalds, Canadian Tire, Fortunes, and any other business who would deny their customers service. In a time when most businesses are struggling to stay afloat, it is appalling they would risk the patronage of their customers. We must show them we will not support their abuse of our Charter rights.

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