A week in COVID: Facts vs Fears

Shall we follow the fears and the “experts”, or the facts and the science?

The last week has revealed a slew of information that challenges the government’s fear campaign since the start of COVID-19 hysteria. Here are a few of the powerful stories that shatter the narrative and show there is nothing keeping us from returning to normal.


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Lieutenant Colonel (RET) David Redman on Pandemic Response

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No More Lockdowns Petition (Municipal)

In partnership with the new “end the lockdown caucus” we are introducing a printable petition that can be used to motivate your local governments to pass resolutions calling on the provincial government to repeal the lockdowns. We encourage you to download the petition and have people sign it to present to your local council.

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Look at the Questions Doug Ford is Asking

Campaign Research, Doug Ford’s chief pollsters, are asking the people of Ontario how they feel about present and possible new restrictions in the fight against COVID-19. 

This is terrifying.

Suspending civil rights and liberties? Vehicle and pedestrian checkpoints? Police removing people from their homes? Jailing and fining those who hold dissenting opinions?

Did we suddenly wake up in North Korea?

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Ontario’s former Chief Public Health Doctor, pushes back against harmful COVID lockdowns

Ontario’s former Chief Public Health Doctor, who helped train the present Dr. David Williams is pushing back against these harmful COVID lockdowns.

This tragedy has been prolonged and is causing unnecessary harm due to the government and media's attempts to vilify and besmirch dissenting views and label them as conspiracy theorists.

If you agree with Dr. Schabas and the many other professionals who have been censored, be sure to contact the Premier, your MPP, local representatives, health unit, and the Minister of Health.

Let them know we have had enough of these harmful policies and it is time to admit our dreadful mistakes and work towards real solutions.

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Dr. Fauci "No asymptomatic transfer of disease"

Dr. Tam: "current evidence doesn't support public needing masks"

COVID Tests: You get false positives half the time

Wearing masks not part of official COVID recommendation

WHO says asymptomatic transmission is rare